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                  [公司徽標圖像] SELIM GLASS

                   世林玻璃機械有限公司歡迎您的光臨!     Welcome to Selim Glass Machinery Co., Ltd.!

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                  We welcome you to browse our web pages in which we hope you may find any product satisfying your needs and relative service.

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                  Our Task

                  is to make every efforts to keep providing newly quality products and good service to our customers.

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                  Survey of our company:

                  Our company is a new and developing high-technique enterprise built up in 2002 by a number of qualified senior engineers in Chinese glass machinery industry. Always catering for the needs of our customers in domestic and abroad, we design and manufacture machinery equipments processing standard or nonstandard glasses according to the requirements written in the landed contracts.

                  Main Products:

                  The glass tempering machine series and,
                  The glass grinding machine series.

                  Our company’s idea

                  is to be developed and prosperous all together with our customers by providing to them more quality products and better service.

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                  Contact us:

                  Mobile Telephone:
                  13902412316   Mr. Lai
                  1-2,D5 Street,Wuling Rd., Shigeng Guicheng, Nanhai Foshan Guangdong, P.R.China
                  Sales Department: selimglass@163.com
                  Department Supporting Customersselimglass@163.com

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