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                  [公司徽標圖像] Services

                   世林玻璃機械有限公司歡迎您的光臨!     Welcome to Selim Glass Machinery Co., Ltd.!

                  [簡體中文] [English]                                                                              粵ICP備18099796號


                  Generally, our products sold abroad and the relative service would be made by our agency. For any country or area in which there isn’t agency, we export our products directly to there and give service by ourselves. The service items and their necessary charge should be negotiated by both parties and written in the Sales Contract.

                  We can offer technical support and supply spare parts to all our customers for long, if they have the needs, please contact with our Sales Department without any hesitance by telephone, fax or email, we’ll reply you as soon as possible.

                  Contact us by:

                      1、TEL: 0086-13902412316;  0086-757-86253706;

                      2、FAX: 0086-757-86364326



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